Abetter Case Management

Abetter Case Management is a management system specially developed to simplify and structure inter-departmental cooperation of forensic institutes. It provides full court exhibit management, documentation of entire cross-departmental workflows as well as the coordination of processes and work of particular departments.

A workflow with Abetter Case Management could be as follows:

  • Registration of criminal offences
  • Recording of examination requests including court exhibits
  • Creation of orders and assignment of court exhibits
  • Assigning of orders to responsible departments
  • Editing and forwarding of orders and court exhibits via the inbox
  • Control of workflows with help of statistics
  • Automatic creation of reports

Management of Processes via Inbox

The inbox is the central interface within Abetter Case Management, whereby the user can access the application. With it, all department-specific examination orders and respective exhibits are available depending on the user’s rights.

You can edit the current state of orders and court exhibits. The exhibits can be accepted for processing or directed to another person in charge. Further functions include dividing, canceling, sending back, storing and destruction of court exhibits.

User-specific Fields and Catalogs

You can deposit individual notes and results to an order or court exhibit with the help of user-specific fields. These specific properties are specially designed for making intradepartmental information only available for staff of the respective division. Also master data catalogs can be adapted to a department’s special demands. With it, you can create and edit catalogs of departments, faculties, exhibit storage locations as well as potential crime scenes and offences.

Archiving and Searching Options

The base of the entire administrative workflow of forensic examinations are master data including all case-relevant information about cases, offences, exhibits, persons and traces. All data can be stored, processed and tracked in Abetter Case Management within the whole process from registration of criminal offences, administration of exhibits to the completion of tasks. A variety of filter options make all information available in a few seconds.

User Management and Security

User administration enables the creation of user groups with different authorizations. Thereby, every user can get individual rights in relation to his specific task area. Access rights such as reading, editing and deletion are freely configurable and ensure a comprehensive data security.

Evaluations and Statistics

To review and evaluate processes the software provides numerous evaluations and statistics. Accordingly, processes in and between departments can be optimized for an efficient use of time and staff. The evaluations are configurable according to your demands and can be exported into various formats such as Word, PowerPoint, html or pdf files.