Abetter Dactyloscopy

Abetter Dactyloscopy is an evaluation and management software for dactyloscopic scientists. It enables processing and evaluation of fingerprints and provides an interactive comparison module for fingerprint identification. With it, you can document and manage the whole dactyloscopic workflow including:

  • Validation of crime scene samples according to their usefulness
  • Processing them by using different methods
  • Analysis of fingerprints via the interactive comparison module
  • Comparison of fingerprints and their final identification
  • Archiving of information from AFIS investigations
  • Storage of data belonging to analyzed finger-, palm- and footprints


Interactive Comparison Module for Fingerprint Identification

The specialized interactive graphical interface provides various processing functionalities in order to compare fingerprints such as of crime scene fingerprints with prints of suspects.

File Formats:

You can read in all default image formats as well as biometric NIST fingerprint data (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000).


In order to mark and label features of traces you can draw lines and add text elements directly to feature elements.


You can zoom in to single pixels for a simple and precise labeling.


For an exact alignment of compared prints you can move, rotate, mirror and align fingerprints.

Image Enhancement:

To improve the display of images you can use special tools to adjust brightness and contrast or invert image colors.


Images can be synchronized, so that they can be edited both at once.


For an optimal traceability of processing activities the software provides an extra audit trail of all editing changes.